IMarine Service has variety of products that can be fit any kind of industry from Marine to Shore and from Electrical application to Electro-Mechanical applications.

We are able to build custom made products on
Transformer ( any input voltage (110V, 220V, 380V, 440V with selector Switch) and output that you specified)
Electrical Distribution Panels (Accourding to your needs we can build any kind of distribution panel with perfect quality)
LED Lights (Just need to give the spec of your area you are willing to light up and we do the rest. We can do different angle of the lights and light fixture, temperature color, color of the frame and even shape of the fixture)
Power Cables (We can supply any kind of cables according to your requirements with Lloyds or DNV Cetification)
Data Cable (We can make different colors and supply from CAT5e to CAT7A)

We are also supply so many products from termianls to electrical isolation band, from muiltimeter to breakers. Please contact us for your needs.